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Question: How many years of your raised access floor’s quality assurance?

Answer: 50 years. You can replace it freely for 50 years.

Question: where is your plant?

Answer: Industrial Park, Zheng Cun, Yaoguan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. G42 (the former Hu-Ning highway) Hengshanqiao exist. Then going straight to the second traffic light and turn left, go alone the street to the factory gates for 3.5 km.

Question: what grade you are in the raised access floor industry?

Answer: we are the largest manufacturer of raised access floor in the world.

Question: are you exporting?

Answer: from achieving the Import & Export right in 1997, we have exported our floor for 20 years. And our products export to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other places, which get a good reputation.

Question: why does office building use the raised access floor?

Answer: there are many cabling in the office building. All weak and strong electrical cabling are arranged under the floor, which eliminate the cumbersome of slotting on the ground.

Question: does the raised access floor need a flat base?

Answer: needn’t. The access floor is used to replace the screed-coat. It can raise the floor for cabling.

Question: which airport is convenient to your plant?

Answer: Our company is in the eastern suburbs of Changzhou, Jiangsu, which is 2-hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao; 2-hour from Nanjing Lukou; 1-hour from Sunan Shuofang; half-hour from Changzhou. The four airports above mentioned can be your option.

Question: where to use the OA access floor? And where is suitable for the Anti-static access floor?

Answer: OA access floor is used in office building; there is no facing on it, customers can lay carpet on it as their needs. While the Anti-static access floor is used in the computer room; with PVC facing on it, there is no need decorating it.